Regulated Stablecoins

Launch your own purpose-built compliant EMT with Membrane

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Membrane's regulated EMTs are purpose-built blockchain-based solutions for payments, settlement, and more.
Built to keep your customers' assets safe and compliant, Membrane's EMTs unlock a new era of digital money. Operated by Membrane's battle-tested blockchain infrastructure, our EMTs allow you to scale quickly while focusing on what's important for your business.

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Only the Best is Sufficient

Membrane's EMTs go beyond industry standards

Regulatorily Compliant

  • All EMTs issued by a Finnish EMI
  • Out of the box MiCA-compliance
  • MiCA requirements owned by Membrane

Safeguarded Customer Assets

  • Bankruptcy-remote customer asset accounts
  • Held with qualified custodians within the EEA
  • Liquid & low-risk investments denominated in the EMT currency

Technological Superiority

  • Eight blockchains supported with integration capacity for any
  • APIs & GUIs for all core actions
  • Industry-leading SLAs

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