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Please note that Membrane Finance only onboards corporate customers.

Please ensure your company is not affiliated with any of the jurisdictions outlined in the Country Risk Policy prior to onboarding.

Do you want to test Membrane EMTs?

Visit the Ecosystem page to find out where you can get and use Membrane EMTs. Developers can get testnet EMTs by following the instruction on the Membrane Developer Portal.

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Visit the Membrane FAQ or learn more about developing with Membrane EMTs on the Membrane Developer Portal.

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Notice of Onboarding Delays

Due to exceptionally high demand, we are currently experiencing delays in our onboarding process. To facilitate a more efficient onboarding experience, priority will be given to clients who have been referred by existing members or those planning significant net mint volumes.

Please ensure the following for expedited onboarding:

  • Indicate any referrals: Include the name of your referrer in the message field.
  • Specify your planned net-mint volume: This helps us understand your intended transaction volume and prioritise accordingly.
  • Specify your use case as accurately as possible: This helps us allocate the onboarding to the correct teams internally.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period of high demand. Our team is committed to optimising the process and will keep you informed on your onboarding status.

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